AT – how to learn

Awareness in Balance offers

  • individual lessons,
  • workshops and introductory courses
  • talks/demonstrations.

The choice is yours.

Individual Lessons

Lessons are available at the Phoenix Place For Health, behind Le Bouchon restaurant in Heybridge,  on Wednesdays starting on the hour between 9 and 6pm.  Later evening slots or other days are sometimes available by arrangement – do ring and check.

The Technique is best learnt in individual lessons, because learning it is a very individual process. Although elements will recur from week to week, the teacher can tailor the lesson to where and how you are as you walk through the door.  You may want to go over what you learnt last week, you may have had a moment of enlightenment and want to try an idea out – the time is truly yours.

People sometimes also find it a private process – there can be strong emotional reasons why you are holding on to a particular tension and releasing it can bring emotions and memories to the fore.

A lesson is 45 minutes long  and is very practically based.  It costs £35, but do look for our special offers. We recommend about six lessons, once a week if possible, to get a practical overview of Alexander’s principles that you can apply in everyday movement. For this reason we have a standard offer of an Introductory set of 6 lessons for £175.   It is a skill though, rather like learning to drive, and everyone starts from their particular place with their own set of habits, so it isn’t entirely predictable what we’ll cover in the set – it will be what’s appropriate for you, rather than a set course.

Some people find this basic experience sufficient for what they need now, others choose to carry on and learn more. For those people we offer an  Explore More set of 8 lessons for £230. These can be taken weekly or spaced out as appropriate for you.

Equally, some people try one lesson and decide it is not for them, and that is fine too.

There is more about what happens in a lesson here

It really is up to you  – all we ask is that if you have booked a lesson you either take it or let us know in good time if you aren’t coming, so we can use the time with someone else. If you need to change times we will do whatever we can to fit you in, but I’m afraid Awareness in Balance reserves the right to charge for lessons that are cancelled at short notice (less than 24 hours).

Under 18s lessons. If we learn how to catch and reset habits early it is easier to live gracefully and pain-free. For those children who are also struggling with health or mobility issues I am keen to offer whatever help I can – I have first-hand experience of this.

So for those under-18 who can manage a full length lesson this is only half adult price – £17.50, and for younger ones there is a half hour lesson option  at £12.50.

Do ring me (07749 283963)  if you want to discuss whether the Technique would be suitable to help your child. I am covered by an up-to-date DCB registration for working with children and vulbnerable adults.

To enquire or to book a lesson either ring me on the number above (if it goes to messaging I will ring you back, promise!) or ring Phoenix Place on 01621 927077. And do please say if you can’t manage stairs, so we reserve a slot in one of the downstairs rooms.  


Public workshops run in the Wellbeing Studio at Phoenix Place and also in various places around the district.  If you are not sure whether the Technique is for you, don’t feel able to commit to lessons at the moment, or are just curious to find out a bit about it, then a workshop could be the thing.  They last 2 hours, including a short refreshment break, and assume no prior knowledge. I sometimes run Introductory workshops that cover the principles of the Technique at a high level, or more recently I have been running series  of workshops that each focus on one particular aspect of the Technique in a bit more depth.

All workshops aim to introduce the ideas of the Alexander Technique in an entertaining way using practical games and activities. They include experience of semi-supine (also known as lying-down work) which you can then practice at home. The workshop is for six to eight people, so although there is some hands-on guidance by the teacher this is limited, though I do adapt the content to the experience, abilities and interests of those attending.  As the workshop involves lying on the floor and is interactive, comfortable clothes are recommended. There may be some working together with the others.   The cost is in the region of £20 pp including tea/coffee and biscuits/cake – costs may vary per event depending on the venue.

Please see the Events page for details on any planned workshops or contact us to go on the mailing list and be among the first to find out about future events. Or if you have a small group of family,friends or colleagues and want a workshop just for you do get in touch.

Introductory Courses

An introductory course runs for four weekly sessions of 90 minutes, including a short refreshment break.  They are similar to an Introductory workshop, but allow the concepts to be explored  in a little more detail. Each person should get some hands-on guidance from the teacher over the course of the four  sessions, but the course is not a replacement for 1-1 lessons. It is intended for those who are interested but perhaps do not want to commit to individual lessons at present.  Costs are in the region of £40 pp including refreshments but may vary depending on venue.

Please see the Events page for details of any courses currently planned or contact us to be kept informed of future events.

Tailored Workshops

I also run workshops or other events specifically for groups – schools, workplace wellbeing events etc. Please ring me on 07749 283963 or email on to discuss.


Awareness in Balance is now registered as an approved speaker for the Essex WI, but is happy to talk to any groups about the Alexander Technique.   These can be large or small, for voluntary groups, organisations or businesses e.g. as part of your company’s health week.  As a rule of thumb a talk would be for 40 minutes plus some time for questions, and wherever feasible will be interactive. It will be tailored to your circumstances though, so please contact us to discuss exactly what you need and what it would cost. (There is a sliding scale of charge for talks, from nothing for very local voluntary groups, via expenses only to a small fee plus expenses, depending on the event and location).   As well as a general introductory talk I currently do specialised ones for craft groups, gardening groups and a more active workshop for dramatic/operatic societies, so if you are trying to fill a slot at a winter meeting, give me a ring on 07749 283963.

Pamper evenings/Health and Wellbeing events

Awareness in Balance attends a number of these each year offering  10-15 minute chair-based or half hour couch-based taster sessions depending on what suits the event, so if you are organising one in the Maldon/Tiptree area, do get in touch on or 07749 283963.