Walking with ease

Saturday 28th October, 2-4pm at Phoenix Place for Health. Cost £15pp.

Did you know that by changing how you think about movement, you can reduce strain when walking?   Whether you want to carry on yomping along the sea wall, or dread how far it is to the shops,  this workshop on Walking with the Alexander technique will

explore the way you move,

look at the way the body should balance and move

then combine these with attention  to  your habits of muscular tension, to reduce the unnecessary effort we tend to expend on everyday actions. This frees you to achieve more with fewer aches and pains.

If this sounds complicated it really isn’t – and the event comes with tea and cake plus a bit of a lie down to try out Alexander’s form of relaxation.

For more details or to book email me on contact@ainb.co.uk, or ring on 07749 283963

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