Sport or Activity

With so much help and advice available, why should you  choose the Alexander Technique to help you develop in your sport or activity?

What does it offer that other things don’t?

  • It enables you to reduce effort and tension so you move freely and can achieve more.
  • It restores your ability to know what your body is actually doing  (rather than what you think you’re doing), so you can be more accurate.
  • It enables you to identify and lose habitual patterns of movement that aren’t helping you and may even contribute to injury.
  • It gives you a way to deal with stress.
  • It helps you enjoy what you’re doing, so you’re more likely to carry on.

This is why it has been central for many people at all levels to develop in their sport or activity. It helps both in improving performance and, for those who have been injured, in aiding recovery and reducing the chance of further injury.

How will lessons you help me?

Now as you may tell from my photos, I am never likely to make the Olympics. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you learn to use AT, to uncover and deal with whatever problems your combination of sport or activity and your body are causing you. Ring or email me (07749 283963/ and we can talk about how I could help. And if your problem needs specialist AT help I’m happy to try and find a suitable teacher to recommend.

If you want to know more about AT and your sport or activity

There’s such a huge variety  I can’t list them all here – but there is likely to be information about AT and your particular interest somewhere on the web if you google it.

However HERE is a summary of some from the STAT website, the largest professional organisation for teachers.

Running. Amongst other articles it has a good bit on running,  or try Malcolm Balk’s site The Art of Running. 

Swimming. For swimmers, or those who fear the water there is Steven Shaw’s site The Art of Swimming, or quite a lot on  Swimming without Stress,  the site of a teacher in Wales.   A bit nearer to Essex is Peter Brierley’s Swimwise site .

Riding. There are several bits on YouTube on horse riding if you google horse riding and Alexander Technique, or there is my good friend Sarah Witkin’s site . Sarah is qualified both as a riding instructor and an Alexander teacher and is based in Essex.

Dance. For dancers Kirstie Richardson is a teacher in Leigh-on-Sea who is a specialist both in contemporary dance and AT