Learn through attention – afterthoughts on the MBS festival

One of the joys of AT is the way it makes you pay attention to how you do whatever you’re doing and learn from it. I find this spreads from movement to other areas of life. So as soon as my feet had recovered from 2 days at the Chelmsford Mind, Body, Spirit exhibition I started to think about how our stall had been and is there anything to note to future events. Most of these thoughts are fortunately very positive.

We had three people manning the stall most of the time and that worked well, plus one “person” was actually 4 on a rota doing half a day each. That meant that just as we started to flag some new energy arrived.

The display seemed to attract attention and between us I reckon we worked with about 25 people and talked to at least double that number on top. Interestingly a higher than usual proportion of  those paying for a taster session were men this time. The other great lesson was to listen and learn from suggestions – both the exellent contributions to the display from a range of teachers and outside-the-box ideas on layout of the table etc on the stand. We never found the ideal arrangement but it worked a lot better with the table at the back and us in front of it.

Things I learnt that need more thought – my idea for trying vouchers in the event goody bags to collect  a free information leaflet on relaxation from our stand overlooked the fact that most people don’t look through it until they get home.

Only time will tell if any of out visitors do learn the Technique but at least the message about AT has got round quite a few new people. My heartfelt thanks to all who helped and to the event organisers at Life Arts.

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