Saving your Voice – Help yourself to sing or speak with more ease

If you use your voice a lot there was a very interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian (link below) about how it works, how it goes wrong and different ideas on how to protect or restore it, particularly  training  singers to use their voice in a more natural way.

Sadly it doesn’t mention FM Alexander, and he was doing this over a hundred years ago. He developed his technique because as an actor he himself lost his voice and it’s still being taught in drama schools (and with singers) especially in the UK. The method described by the Guardian sounds very close to the issues he tackled in himself – avoiding rasping, not gasping to take in large breaths, not constricting easy movement of the ribs and diaphragm for instance.

So if you’re concerned about protecting your voice but can’t make  singing lessons in Italy, delightful as that sounds – try  lessons in the Alexander Technique and see for yourself how things can change.

Read article  here


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