If you can’t see the event or class you’re after below, ring me on 07749 283963 . I can bring an event to you, and tailor it to what you need –  support groups, workplaces, WI, hobbies, mothers&babies, elderly or just about anything – give me a challenge!

Move with Less Strain –  Introducing the Alexander Technique   

A set of 4×1 hour classes that introduce AT in everyday movement – standing, bending, sitting, walking  – together with balance and how to de-stress by letting go of muscular tension. Aimed at those with no prior knowledge who want to help themselves to more ease. £30 the set.

The latest run of this course has just finished  and none are currently scheduled, but there will probably be another run in the Spring. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll keep you informed of dates as soon as they’re fixed.

This year’s  “Last Saturdays ” – Take it Easy.  

A set of 3 once-a-month 2hour sessions exploring the Alexander Technique in more depth. No prior knowledge needed here either, though some people attending may have. Each session looks at applying AT to different aspects of life and  I try to take account of differing experience levels so everyone gets something out of it. 

Set 1 (April, May, June) we did Bending and Stretching, Sitting and Standing, and Balance

Set 2

 September, October   we did Lift and Reach, then Walking.

Sat 25th November    Calm and Composed  At this time of year it can often be difficult to hang onto a feeling of calm. Come and find how the Alexander Technique can help keep you together, now and in the future, whatever you are doing and whenever you need it. We’ll be doing a mix of gentle movement and activities/games plus some thinking to help you explore and experience what AT is about and teach you tools to help you afterwards. We’ll have a short half time break for refreshments that also lets you reflect and absorb what you’ve learned so far, and finish the session with the usual lying down in active relaxation  (not a contradiction!).

All of these are suitable for just about any level of ability, and I will adapt activities if you have particular problems so you can learn to help yourself whatever difficulties you may be living with. Please note though that our venue is up a flight of stairs. If you are interested but can’t manage stairs, please let me know and I will try to arrange a class on the level at a later date.

All of these are at:

 The Wellbeing Studio, Phoenix Place For Health, Holloway Rd, Heybridge, CM9 4ER, 2-4pm

Take just one or do a set. Nothing strenuous and no prior knowledge of the technique needed – I keep the group small so I can tailor each session to the experience and abilities of those attending. My aim is to make these enjoyable as well as useful sessions.

This means sessions cost a bit more than they would for a large class – sorry, but you deserve the quality approach. Each session is still only £15 for two hours,  or £40 if booking a set (saving £5 on the  three).

We have a tea-and-home-made-cake-break in the middle and usually finish with the AT active relaxation, so be prepared to lie on the floor. (The Studio has a special padded floor covering and we also have  mats.  I recommend taking shoes off, so warm socks may be an idea, and a blanket if you feel the cold.) For most sessions there will be notes to take home as a reminder.

Ring Tricia on 07749 283963 or to book.

I’m very happy to answer any queries, plus you get a full guide to how to find us and anything you might need to know about the event when booking.

Access:  free car parking on site, Studio up a flight of stairs