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If you can’t see the event or class you’re after below, ring me on 07749 283963 . I can bring an event to you, and tailor it to what you need –  support groups, workplaces, WI, hobbies, mothers&babies, elderly or just about anything – give me a challenge!

Move with Less Strain –  Introducing the Alexander Technique   

A set of 4×1 hour classes introducing AT in everyday movement – standing, bending, sitting, walking  – together with balance and how to de-stress by letting go of muscular tension. Aimed at those with no prior knowledge who want to help themselves to more ease. £30 the set.

Please ring 07749 283963 or email to book, as this class is kept to a small group to ensure everyone gets attention. I can also send you more information about the course, how to find us and what to expect.

Thursdays in May – 8-9pm on Thursday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th in The Studio, upstairs at Phoenix Place For Health. Each class will involve games and activities exploring how we do everyday movements, then examine how using mind and body to make simple changes can reduce effort and increase flexibility. We finish two of the four sessions by trying AT active rest, which is excellent to release tension and ease painful muscles.

The aim of this course is to help you find new ways to help yourself to easier movement while  experiencing the Alexander Technique in practice and being introduced to the key concepts. You will get a set of notes to take home as a reminder of what you have learnt, to help you carry on putting this into practice in everyday life.

The next run of this course will be in November 2018.

New for 2018 –   The “First Friday” group. 

After several years of open events on Saturdays, I decided this year to try something different. I’ve been conscious that regulars at the Saturday series kept going over the basics as I explained to new people, and some who have had lessons expressed interest in keeping up their practice without committing to further lessons.

So this series is aimed at people who have had some experience of AT – either from lessons or attending previous events. My aim is to create a friendly community for you to share in when you want.

From Friday 6th April I’ll be offering a one hour session on the first Friday of every month, at .   Each one will have a theme that we’ll explore with a couple of games and will finish with a spell lying down in Active Rest.

They are  7.30-8.30pm, upstairs in the Studio at Phoenix Place For Health.  The cost is £8 a session, or you can buy a pass for 4 sessions for £30 and use this up as and when you choose. Dates and proposed themes are:

6th April   Finding Your Feet                            4th May   Back to Backs

1st June     Walking                                             6th July    Getting A Head

3rd Aug       Untwisting                                       7th Sep     Keeping Your Balance

5th Oct         Get Hip                                            2nd Nov    Learning to Pause

7th Dec    And Relax

 General Information

All of these events are at:

 The Wellbeing Studio, Phoenix Place For Health, Holloway Rd, Heybridge, CM9 4ER

The Studio has a special padded floor covering and we also have  mats.  I recommend taking shoes off, so warm socks may be an idea, and a blanket if you feel the cold and we are doing active relaxation. Otherwise just wear what you find comfortable for moving about.

Ring Tricia on 07749 283963 or to book.

I’m very happy to answer any queries or concerns, plus you get a full guide to how to find us and anything you might need to know about the event when booking.

My aim is always to make sessions enjoyable as well as useful – if you think I’m missing anything or have any comments, do let me know.

Access:  free car parking on site, Studio up a flight of stairs