Building confidence

Click here to link to a lovely, though not short, article by Laura Barton about confidence – what it means, if and how you can develop it and whether you can have too much of a good thing.I look forward to listening to the radio series that goes with it.

What interested me most was the way it mentioned the body on several occasions – the way a lack of confidence affects how we stand, walk and present ourselves. People rarely realise that if you address the physical impacts it affects the emotions and your mental state too. There’s an exercise I sometimes try with groups, getting people to walk “happy”, then walk “sad”. Then I ask them to walk “sad” but feel happy. Try it – it’s really difficult! But the reverse is true too – if you’re walking “happy” it’s that bit  harder to feel sad.

The Alexander Technique is  a great way to relearn how to use your body so you can choose to change. If this topic is of interest, we’ve a workshop 2-4pm on 25th November all about overcoming stress in the body. Go to   Events   for more details.

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