Privacy and Protecting Your Data

Awareness in Balance respects your privacy.  What we do is personal, so we hold only data we need to run lessons and classes safely, plus whether you have opted into our newsletters. We do our best to take care of what we hold and only pass it on for firms to process on our behalf, not to third parties.

However people often make an enquiry but come back to try the Technique some time later.  Sometimes people take lessons and return  several years later for another one.  It can seem very rude if we have little memory of meeting you before so we do hang on to information.

The General Data Protection Regulations,  in force from May 2018, require all businesses  make to clear what data they hold and the reasons for it. Where data is held because you have consented (usually for marketing and mailing lists) the business needs to be able to show your clear consent and not, for instance, rely on preticked boxes or insist you agree before you get a service.

GDPR also  clarifies the rights you have over your data – you can ask to see your data, you can request a correction of any data  you believe is inaccurate and you can ask for all your data to be deleted, though this may affect the service the company can offer you.

After some thought we have adopted a data policy that tries to balance  your absolute need for privacy and your need to know we remember you.   The chart below shows:

the data we keep,

the classification of it (contractual – we have to have this to manage lessons, classes etc; consent – you have agreed to us holding this to be able to send you information)

where it is held and

how long we hold it for.

If you opt in to email newsletters, every one we send has a link for you to opt out if you choose.

We have not included any data you add as a comment to our Facebook posts as this is under your control.  If you have lessons at Phoenix Place For Health please note that the clinic will also have a record of you and will also ask for your consent to send out the Phoenix newsletter.